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About Heady Brew:

Heady Verlinken has come from the land of A-far. A land of honey, hops, and other heavenly items. Yet, even in this wonderful land, Wheat tormented Heady. It would say, “But Heady, you can’t eat me. You’re a centaur with celiac disease and that won’t be OK.” “Why, why!”, Heady would cry. “Why can’t I eat wheat, barley, or rye?” He had to show that maniacal Wheat who’s the boss of this wonderful realm. Just then he saw others on a patio enjoying a tasty brew. He looked at them in despair and said, “It’s just not fair, look at those people pairing that beer with that fine pickled hare! I’m desperate…I’m in need…I’m going to make some gluten free beer and some scrumptious mead!

There are no preservatives and no games, these great tasting brews are done Heady’s way. This concoction is modest, yet not plain. It’s what’s in the beer, not what’s in the name.

Heady Brew Company


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